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Treats All Muscle Groups

The split foam roller is designed to treat your body from head to toe

Easy to Install, Use and Store

Ships fully assembled, sets up in minutes and stores easily in any closet

Target Hard to Reach Areas

Relieve muscle pain and joint stiffness within minutes

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee

The Future of Foam Rolling

The days of getting on the floor are over. The upright position of Mobility Wall makes it easy for you to target the most effective areas of your body without the hassle of getting on the ground.
Mobility Wall
Mobility Wall

The Mobility Wall uses a split smooth foam roller and comes with one small ball attachment. This product is great if you are a beginner who is looking for a lower intensity experience.

Mobility Wall Pro Series
Mobility Wall

The Mobility Wall Pro Series uses a textured split foam roller and comes with four attachments. The pressure knobs provide a deep tissue experience for you to relieve tension and work out knots.

Pro Series Attachments
Mobility Wall

Whether you want to smooth out a few knots or go deeper into the tissue, each attachment provides the versatility to relieve tension and improve your range of motion.


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Mobility Wall’s lightweight design makes it easy to adjust at any height. The dual-locking mechanism increases stability allowing you to safely massage your body with confidence.
 It comes fully assembled and quick-mounts onto any door frame so you can experience tension relief within minutes.

Let's Get Moving


The high-density EVA foam roller and individual massage heads provide the perfect combination for you to work out those common trouble spots as well as gain access to areas of your body that are difficult to reach.


The Two key elements to improving the way you move is consistency and proper pressure. Mobility Wall makes it easy for you to build the habit of self-care and zero in on specific muscles without the hassle of getting on the floor.

The combination of the foam roller and individual massage heads will help you smooth out knots to relieve pain and discomfort


Comfortably scan your body using the high density EVA foam roller to relieve muscle tension and stiffness


Speed up your recovery using the foam roller and individual massage heads both pre and post workout

Mobile Web App

Instructional Mobile Web App

Our Mobile App will guide you through the process of how to setup your Mobility Wall, the most effective angles to use and the proper amount of pressure to apply. View our Mobile App and get rolling!
Learn How to Roll


Whether you want to smooth out a few knots or go deeper into the tissue, the attachments provide the key to unlocking your body’s potential and improving your range of motion.
Small Ball
Small Ball

The small diameter provides a deeper experience and makes it easy to target smaller muscle groups like the biceps, triceps and lateral shoulder.

Comes standard with the Mobility Wall Smooth Roller and Mobility Wall Pro Series

Large Ball
Large Ball

The larger diameter provides a less intense experience and is ideal for targeting larger muscle groups like the back, chest and hamstrings.

Comes standard with the Mobility Wall Pro Series


The prongs on the fork can provide a deeper more focused experience on areas such as the back of your neck, achilles tendon and forearm.

Comes standard with the Mobility Wall Pro Series


This advanced attachment is great for micro-targeting individual vertebrae along your spine, in between your toes and the bottom of your foot.

Comes standard with the Mobility Wall Pro Series


Does Mobility Wall fit in any doorway?

Mobility Wall is designed to fit in all standard doorways measuring between 26 to 36 inches.

How do I mount Mobility Wall in my doorway?

Mobility Wall comes fully assembled and ready for immediate use. All you have to do is choose which doorway in your home that works best, adjust your Mobility Wall to the width of the doorway, and spin the oversized hand grips to secure it.

Important: Doorframe strength varies from home to home. Adjust slowly. Do Not over-tighten

Is Mobility Wall strong enough to support my bodyweight?

Mobility Wall has undergone countless hours of rigorous testing to ensure it’s capable of holding up your body weight with normal tissue and recovery work. However, it is not meant for you to hang on, sit on, jump on, swing on or do pull-ups on.

Why is Mobility Wall better than rolling on the floor?

Mobility Wall allows you to target areas that are difficult to reach, while helping support your bodyweight (neck, shoulders, chest, feet, and shins). It offers an easy solution for those of us who can’t get down on the floor or have trouble holding up our own bodyweight.

How is Mobility Wall more hygienic than a regular foam roller?

Whether it’s at home or in a gym, many people don’t realize how dirty floors actually are. Filled with dirt, bacteria and other environmental toxins, it’s nearly impossible to keep floors clean at all times. While traditional foam rolling requires you to be on the floor, Mobility Wall offers the same benefits while standing upright. Our world has changed with respect to germ and bacteria exposure, so why not protect your safety and the safety of those you care about?

Whats the difference between Mobility Wall and Mobility Wall Pro?

Mobility Wall is the original, smooth split foam roller. It comes with a small ball massage tool. Mobility Wall Pro is our more robust, textured roller. It comes with four different massage tools: the small ball, large ball, bullet, and fork. Mobility Wall Pro is designed for a more intense experience.

How do I know when to use the attachments or the rollers?

It depends on your desired outcome. The smaller the tool, the more intense the experience. For example, the split foam roller will be the least intense, and the bullet will be the most intense. Check out our Mobility Wall Mobile App for more detailed instructions.

How often should I use Mobility Wall?

As often as you brush your teeth! When it comes to foam rolling, consistency is key like brushing your teeth, soft tissue therapy will yield the best results when performed daily. For specific issues, we recommend sessions of no less than two minutes several times per day. For maintenance, use Mobility Wall a minimum of two to three times per week.

What is the locking ring used for?

The locking ring was a key feature that we added to prevent the bar from spinning when performing trigger point therapy using any of the 4 massage heads. Although you can use the locking ring at all times, it does not need to be engaged when you are only using the foam rollers.

What’s the best way for me to store my Mobility Wall?

For safety, remove your Mobility Wall from the doorway when not in use. It stores easily in any closet or under the bed.