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Container Storage Group

A nationwide geo-matching e-commerce platform

Container Storage Group






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Sales Channel

For over 15 years, Container Storage Group has been supplying quality new and used shipping containers nationwide. They contract with several high-visibility clients, including Kaiser-Permanente, the USDA, Georgia Pacific, and the State of California. Container Storage Group prides themselves on providing the lowest price and world class customer service.

"TS Marketing is professional, quick and great in marketing. I'm glad I'm able to work with TS Marketing and will continue to do so for years to come!"

- Julian Kim, Container Storage Group

The Challenge

Container Storage Group delivers 20' and 40' shipping containers directly to clients from 30 different hubs throughout North America, all with different inventory, pricing, markups, delivery fees and delivery radii. Their needs were so complex that no existing e-commerce solution could meet them, so they reached out to TS Marketing to help them set up a custom e-commerce shop.

The Solution

TS Marketing sat down with Container Storage Group to understand their business in order to meet their specific needs. We then designed a fully custom e-commerce platform that adapted for the unique way shipping containers were sold and delivered though their national distribution network of storage yards.

Container Storage Group

The Result

Container Storage Group is now able to sell nationwide from their world class e-commerce website without the use of any third party APIs. When customers enter their postal code into the site, it seamlessly connects the user with the closest delivery depot and calculate accurate delivery costs.

Container Storage Group

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